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Get a job fast here! We list many options to help you find a job. Be sure to check out where you can get help finding the right job for you.

Don’t forget the bottom buttons. They lead to all kinds of information, from how to talk about a criminal history during a job interview to great training and apprenticeship opportunities to learning about your career options.

Before you take a job, consider these six things:
1. Does your parole officer or halfway house approve of the job? Don’t promise to start “tomorrow” if you don’t yet have the official okay. It can take several days to verify a job with a parole officer or halfway house.
2. Do you have the tools, boots, and clothes? If you don’t, the organizations listed in the Re-entry Help section may be able to help. Go to the list and start calling organizations near you.
3. Can you get to the job? Check out the Transportation section for info about buses and bikes if you don’t have a car.
4. Is it too good to be true? People are getting scammed by some of the jobs advertised around town or online. Make sure any job offer passes the smell test.
5. Don’t work for employers who won’t hire you legally. If you don’t have your ID docs yet you might be tempted to work under the table. This creates a tax problem for you and you leave yourself open to getting cheated.
6. Watch out for employers whose paychecks bounce or anyone who charges a finder’s fee to get you a job. There are lots of good employers out there and organizations to help you find them without a fee.



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