Arc Thrift Stores

There are many Arc stores in Colorado. Click below for the store listing.

Arc has special sale days, such as every Saturday most items are half off. Click below to learn about their sales.

Community Agencies and Clothing Banks

For clothing, there are a number of places where you can get help, including work and interview clothing. Many community agencies have a clothing bank, and some even have professional clothes for job interviews. To see our list of community agencies, click below. You can call 2-1-1 and tell the operator where you live and ask about clothing banks in your area.


Dress for Success

Dress for Success in Denver has free clothing for professional jobs. If you need “dress-up” clothing, ask your parole officer, re-entry specialist, or a community organization for a referral to Dress for Success. You must be referred by another agency to receive their help.



If you have a little money, Goodwill Stores are a good place for clothing. There are many locations in Colorado. Click below for a link to the Goodwill store locator.

Goodwill has ways to save money, such as Blue Saturday Sales when some items are up to 50% off. Click below to learn about Goodwill sales.

Goodwill Stores are also a good place to look for a job. They are very open to employees with a criminal record. Learn more here.

Salvation Army

There are four Salvation Army stores in Colorado. Click below to see a map of locations.