Birth Certificate

If you were born in Colorado, you need to order a copy of your birth certificate from a Vital Records Office. These offices are overseen by the Colorado Department of Public Health.

Order Online, Mail, Phone, or In Person

To read how to order a birth certificate by phone, mail, or in person, click on the button below. The cost is $17.75 for a certified copy. Be sure to click on County Vital Records Offices at the bottom of the page for the list of locations throughout Colorado. Visiting a Vital Records Office in person is the fastest way to get a birth certificate.


For the list of acceptable documents you need to order a birth certificate, click below. Please note that a CDOC ID card and Denver County Jail inmate ID are acceptable primary forms of ID to order a birth certificate.

Good To Know !

If you can’t provide the necessary identification to order your birth certificate, a family member or your spouse can order it for you. This person must show proof of their relationship to you. To learn more about how a family member proves their relationship, click below.

Born in Another State?

If you were born in another state and need to order a birth certificate, google online using “office of vital statistics” and the name of your state. For example, if you were born in Alabama, you would type office of vital statistics + Alabama.

Since the office of vital statistics is usually part of a state’s health department, look for the website that indicates such. Using Alabama as an example again, the website you need is the Alabama Department of Public Health, or