There are several organizations in Colorado that help people get a bike. Sometimes the bike is free. Sometimes you have to earn the bike by volunteering a small number of hours.


Second Chance Bicycle Shop
14573 E Alameda Avenue, Aurora, CO 80012
Hours T,W,Th: 9am - 3pm. Saturday: 8am - 3pm
You may be able to earn a bike or get a free bike with a letter of referral from a probation or parole officer or halfway house.


Community Cycles
2805 Wilderness Place #1000, Boulder, CO 80301
Hours Tuesday, Th-Sunday: noon - 6pm
Community Cycles Earn-a-Bike program asks you to pay $20, volunteer two shifts, and take a maintenance class to earn a refurbished bike, helmet, lock, and membership to Community Cycles. Get started with an application online or you can call or drop by. If the cost is too much, scholarships are available. Ask to talk to the development director.


Bikes Together
2825 Fairfax Street, Denver, CO 80207
Hours T,W,Th: noon - 7pm. F, Sat: 11am - 5pm
Bikes Together used to be called Park Hill Bike Depot. Their Earn-a-Bike program requires you to volunteer for 10 hours at the bike shop or a partner nonprofit and take a 3-hour class on safety and maintenance. Afterward, you get a bike, helmet, lights, and U-lock! To get started, complete the application online at their website. If you have a problem filling out the form, call the staff at the number above, extension 2. Their Fix-Your-Bike program has open shop hours. Anyone can come in and use the shop’s workbenches, tools, and get help from volunteers on a first come/first served basis.

Recycle Bicycles
Call Bruce and let him know you’re looking for a bike. He will do his best to help you get a bike and lock. He has connections outside of the Denver metro area, too. It’s worth a call to find out.

Fort Collins

Fort Collins Bicycle Co-op
1501 N. College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80521
Hours M,W,F: 2-5pm. Sunday: noon - 6pm
The Fort Collins Bike Co-op Earn-a-Bike program lets you earn a bike through volunteering at the bike shop or at an approved nonprofit. They also sell refurbished bikes, so you can pick up a good bike at a decent price. Call or visit to learn more.